Calling all First Time Buyers..

//Calling all First Time Buyers..

Calling all First Time Buyers..

There was some much needed good news towards the end of last week with the government’s announcement to increase the HTB limit from 5% to 10%

“As part of the government’s July Stimulus package, the current HTB limit of 5% or €20,000 is being increased to 10% or €30,000.  This increase is only a temporary measure until the end of 2020. The start date of the increased amount is from July 23rd  and ends on the 31st December.”

This is a very significant increase and a great opportunity for first time buyers, who have being trying to save up for a deposit, to take advantage of.

For more information, follow the link below. We are fully qualified contractors and we are happy to assist in anyway we can.

July 28th, 2020|Phase 1|

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